Horizon Systems


Duall Division is a leading manufacturer of air and water quality control systems for the treatment of odors, corrosive fumes and toxic gas in industrial and municipal applications.

Primary products include:

  • Odor control systems
  • Fume scrubbers
  • Emergency gas scrubbers
  • Aerators & degasifiers
  • Stripping towers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Plating & process tanks
  • Corrosion resistant ventilation systems
  • Dust & particulate control systems
  • Mist elimination equipment
  • NOx control systems
  • Custom designed air pollution abatement systems


BIO-PRO™ Bioscrubbers

Biological Odor Control Without Costly Chemicals

BIO-PRO™ employs state-of-the-art biotrickling filter technology to remove odorous gases from wastewater treatment plants.

Advantages & BenefitsEasy access low profile design

  • Durable, nondegradable AroPAC™ biobed
  • Low pressure drop
  • >99% H2S removal with the widest range of inlet loadings
  • Includes integral mixed flow exhauster
  • Pre-packaged factory asembled for easy installation


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